The Audio Programmer You Tube Juce Tutorials 20 to 26 Adapted for Juce 6

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This Readme and the code in this repo have been pulled together to update The excellent Juce tutorials from The Audio Programmer, and those contained in the the JUCE website tutorials. The purpose of this is to update the Audio Programmer YouTube Juce series to make use of Juce 6, and the coding standards it recommends.

Overall Guidance

Juce Plugin Host - Audio File Player Plugin for Juce 6

To aid with development, I’ve cobbled together a very basic but usable Audio File Player Pluginn for Juce 6. A plugin already exists for Juce 5, but this fails to build on Juce 6. Further information on this plugin can be found at https://github.com/Spyced-Concepts/AudioFilePlayerPlugin.

YouTube Tutorial Specific Guidance