Theme Screenshot Wordpress Basic Theme

Basic Wordpress Theme

A basic Wordpress theme from which to build other themes. Simple, clean and quick.


Option 1 - Cloning

Using gitbash or Git UI navigate to your /wp-content/themes folder and execute the following command:

git clone git@github.com:StuLast/wordpress-theme-basic.git basic-theme

The target basic-theme at the end can be anything you like, but should reflect the theme name in some way.

Option 2 - Downloading

Visit https://github.com/StuLast/wordpress-theme-basic and select ‘download zip’ from the green button. You can include this in your ‘/wp-content/themes’ folder. You can change the name of the theme folder itself to anything you like, but it should reflect the name of the theme in some way.


See LICENSE file in the theme directory.


Visit http://stulast.co.uk for more information about the author